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Tru-Trim Millworks, Inc.

Q: What size profiles can you make?
A: Any profiles up to 6" wide & 1 1/8" deep or up to 7" wide & 3/4" deep.

Q: Can you match my profile?
A: We can match almost any profile. Fax or email it and we'll let you know if we can. 

Q: How do I request a catalog?
A: Please call or email us to see what you need and we"ll go from there.

Q: What machinery do you use?
A: The Mikron 645 Multi-moulder is our main go to machine followed by our old reliable W&H. The 5x10 Shopbot currently does all the cutting of MDF materials and template parts.The Powermatic 27 takes care of our concaved & convexed baseboards and panel caps.

Q: Where is your shop located?
A: Our shop is located 40 miles northeast of Sacramento Ca. between Auburn & Grass Valley.

Q: What type of knives do you use?
A: High speed steel (M2) & Carbide tipped.

Q: What materials are available?
A: Light weight MDF for paint grade and any specie of hardwood for stain grade.

Q: What is your lead time?
A: Lead time is determined during the ordering process.

Q: Is delivery available?
A: Call for delivery information.